Welcome to My Blog and a Kick-Off Giveaway


I’m pretty new to Tumblr (a close pagan friend introduced me), but she recommended after going through much of my pagan things while unpacking in my new apartment that I should do a giveaway to kick of this blog.  Is if to gain some traction? Maybe. But I honestly feel like I can be a great part of this community.  My background:

  1. I’ve been part of the witchcraft community for about nine years as a leader/officer in various clubs, circles organizations, etc. Previous to that I dabbled in a bit of everything before dedicating myself to hedgecraft.
  2. I have certificates in a variety in accupressure methods, massage and I have had my third level Reiki attunement.
  3. I am an avid ghost hunter with my friends and their friends. We used to go about once a week. Since college it’s been closer to once a month. 
  4. My blog promises to be a positive resource for newcomers and those interested in anything I am able to discuss which ranges from witchcraft to herbal medicine, ghost hunting to being part of a witch-y community!


The rules are simple!

1. You must be following me. Reblogs and likes count up to FIVE TIMES. Submissions also count (questions, information, art, whatever).

2. You must have your inbox open to receive the winning message.

3. You must claim your prizes within 48 hours.

4. (1) winner will be randomly selected and announced on this blog. They will also be emailed/inboxed.

5. Winner will be chosen April 1st, 2013 at 12:00 Noon EST.

6. I will pay for shipping. International followers are more than welcome to respond. Giveaway blogs can’t win

Hopefully none of this will be an issue. I took the rules from other blogs I have seen here. Let me know if something appears wrong.

What’s at stake!

  • 6 boxes of stick incense (12 count) Dragon’s Blood, Rosemary, Cedar, Sage, Moon Queen, and Rose
  • 4 boxes of cone incense (8 count) Dragon’s Blood, Patchouli, Rose, Gardenia
  • Incense Holder
  • 2 each of various sized candles in red, blue, green, orange, black and white
  • 1 large white pillar candle
  • 6 inch black scrying mirror
  • 6-8 .5 oz. packages of dried herbs (my pick)
  • 3 small glass vials
  • Selenite Wand
  • Rose Quartz massage wand
  • Large antique Wood box

If you would like I can gift wrap it for you (if you plan to pass it off to a friend). I might find more crap as I dig through the unopened boxes. I just recently moved across country so I don’t have everything out yet!

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